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Re: Worrying times: lots of challengers missing in 2013

Originally Posted by Henry Chinaski View Post
my limits are the same on challengers and futures.

if yours are then you've just proved you can easily stake enough to make a small futures fix worthwhile without even having to wait for it to go in play (where limits are 6x higher)
You know, i might be wrong about the max stakes on Futures (despite i really need to see if Futures and CH are with the same limits for betting).

But OK, i'm wrong about this, among quite a bunch of things i've said. Does it feel re-comforting that chasing me around to correct my 0.1% of posts? You're better than that...i thought.

Otherwise, tell me how do you fix a match in Futures with 500E max stake. Please.

Opening multiple accounts is not an option. In the second one max stake bet is placed and the bookie is on guard. The moment it's more than once - the bet is blocked and accounts are blocked under suspicion until they decide what to do and there is nothing one can do, so that's not an option.

The only way for a fix at Futures level to happen is if a player does it. Also he needs to be the favorite in order to bet against himself and get solid odds.

That would make him 1000 Eur. And risk his whole career, or if he does it with a friend he'll need to share, so 500 Eur.

These guys are raised to be athletes and dream to be high level professionals, and make millions.

Who would risk everything and do such a stupid thing for peanuts?

The betting mafia could fix it and do what? Make 5 accounts in 5 bookies and make 12K Euros? They won't bother even taking the plane to the destination for such money. They can make 10 times more by bribing a third division goal keeper somewhere..

Anyways, all i'm writing is 100% wrong and everything else is the holly truth. Let it be.
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