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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
It's pretty cold in Canada but as Raquel and star said, I am living in US. The problem I have is allergy to the desert (Sonoran Desert to be exact) It was windy yesterday (and today) which made the allergy even worse.

Most of my relatives live in Canada and I visit every year.

That's really cold for you! They should have black ice warning on those roads. No fun sliding inside a few thousands lbs vehicle

We are getting warmer by the weekend, hopefully there is a chance for your area to warm up a bit.
The warning is that it's freezing. It's just a dangerous road. There's always someone killed on it. But, it's a beautiful road. If people drove the speed limit -- 45mph in most places -- it wouldn't be so bad. But there are people who live in Castle Valley who drive into town every day and they know how to drive the road fast. I mean, I can drive the road faster than a tourist too, but not as fast as the Castle Valley people. One time I was behind a slow tourist which is just part of living in a tourist area, and I was waiting for a place I could pass. Just as I started around, the pick up truck behind me had decided to pass both of us! So there we are three cars abreast (I was driving a 4-runner at the time) on a narrow road with the poor tourist on the outside with a drop off to the river. We made it, but I saw in my rearview mirror that the poor tourist had pulled off the road and stopped. Probably trying to breathe normally again.

There are also cyclists on the road and so that is dangerous too. The problem is that the road is so insanely gorgeous that it's easy to take your eyes off the road and of course, you have to expect that tourists are going to be doing that. Then there's a portion of the road that is away from the river and goes through rolling hills and you can drive pretty darn fast on that portion EXCEPT, that there are two places that have winding curves at the tops of hills and if you go too fast, you cant make those curves. I know a woman who must have been showing off a little bit for her guest from Switzerland, and she went off the road at the top of a hill and the car actually did a complete flip end to end before landing in the flat below.
Although have to say there are much better pictures of the road.
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