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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Ivelina_P View Post
It must be pretty cold in Canada,right?
I don't care about Nole's loss at all.I mean,he's not some minor player who needs to win every event he climbs up to.
If he lost BEFORE QFs in a major,now this is when I'd be concerned.
It's pretty cold in Canada but as Raquel and star said, I am living in US. The problem I have is allergy to the desert (Sonoran Desert to be exact) It was windy yesterday (and today) which made the allergy even worse.

Most of my relatives live in Canada and I visit every year.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
one done.7 more to go.

2 more on Monday

Originally Posted by star View Post
It is freaking cold here. Yesterday I drove over to grand junction and the while landscape was transformed by the snow. It looked like something it of science fiction or a fantasy novel. Maye George R. R. Martin would like it. It was 16F in town but got down to 1F as I drove across the high flat on I70. I won't drive the river road when it is freezing. The snow melts during the day and runs of onto the road and then forms black ice. Zip! You are sliding around on the road before you know it and in the worn place you off the side into the river.

This orning it says it is 3F. This is the way it is here when we get a big snowfall. We have the refrigerator effect and it won't warm up. I'm getting ready to go south.. Hope to be off by next week.
That's really cold for you! They should have black ice warning on those roads. No fun sliding inside a few thousands lbs vehicle

We are getting warmer by the weekend, hopefully there is a chance for your area to warm up a bit.
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