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Re: NOVAK DJOKOVIC will win the CYGS in 2013

It is very very difficult... Novak has to be close to the perfection. Nodoby has done it since Rod Laver. Well, I'm convinced that someday I will see someone winning the CYGS (maybe in an era with less competitive players than now) but we have to be realistic: it is true that the only man that can do it now is Novak Djokovic (as he is one of the most complete players ever, with a game that can find success on every type of court), but he needs to play like he did on 2011. In addition, we have four Grand Slams played in almost four different surfaces (yes, I know that Australian Open and US Open are hard court tournaments, but the slow conditions of the Australian Open are far away from the tennis that is played at US Open). It is completely possible to win all of them in a tennis career, but in the same year is very very difficult. Saying that something is very very difficult for Djokovic can sound dramatic enough, but we are talking about the most difficult objective that one tennis player can think about at the start of a season. Roger Federer hasn't done it, and he is one of the best players of the history (or the best). He found, in his way to the CYGS, one man from Manacor that is going to be the best clay court player ever. You always find difficulties. Supose that Djokovic plays like 2011, or a little bit better: he always can lose on a single match if he has in front of him the top four players. He can have a bad day. It was difficult to imagine that Federer was going to beat him on the Roland Garros 2011 SF, but Roger is Roger.

Novak Djokovic is the man to look at Australian Open: the slow hard court conditions are perfect for his game and consistency on the baseline. He can break all the records in this tournament.

On the French Open, if Nadal is not fine he can have one of the best chances to win his first Roland Garros title. A lot of people asume that Nadal won't be fine at the French Open, but we don't know what level will show Nadal on the clay tour. If he is close to his best version, for me is the favourite to win his 8th French Open title. And I think that he'll be ready to win the tournament, maybe with more troubles than other years. For me, if the winner of the French Open 2013 is not Rafael Nadal, it will be a surprise. I think that people has dramatized his injury too much. It is one of the most serious problems that Nadal has suffered, but he'll be ready to compete on February and he's now training on clay: people close to Nadal is saying that he is now at 70% of his level... recovering the mental factor and being as competitive as always (on matches, not only practicing) will be his most important challenge. He has time, from February to June.

Wimbledon and US Open are the most opened Grand Slams. On grass Federer can beat anybody, and on the hard and fast court of the US Open I don't see someone that it is far from the other.

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