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Re: Does Barack Obama lack leadership?

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
i don't think i've ever called anyone here a "nazi" so i guess you just made that up. i fail to see what's so inherently offensive about terms like "neocon" or "yank". and then you say i have thin skin?

as for the term "racist", again, i fail to see what's so wrong with it. if people are racist they can expect i'll call them on it. i guess that in your world if you let bad things pass than we can pretend they don't exist. hence racists and idiots (usually both) are able to talk unpunished by the verbal condemnation of an active society.
I'm not offended. You can say what you want. Racist is a perfectly good word when used correctly. But you use the term ''racist'' for people who don't agree with you, when they are not being racist at all. As in your many inferences that abhorrence of Islamofascism is in fact a hatred of ''brown people'' (your words). Thus, in your innoncence, you probably actually believe that by branding something as racist you have made a valid point.

When you use neocon you usually mean it sneeringly, as in, ''someone with a different opinion than myself.'' As for yank, are you also OK with, say, wetback?

Frankly, I don't think you are in any position to judge who is or is not an idiot. Unless, of course, you claim that experience gives you an advantage over the rest of us.


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