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Re: Does Barack Obama lack leadership?

Originally Posted by Har-Tru View Post
af·fect (-fkt)
tr.v. af·fect·ed, af·fect·ing, af·fects
1. To put on a false show of; simulate

Maybe that verb is better used than it appears after all.
Sorry I don't understand. There are multiple meanings of the word. Here's from the correct dictionary:


Have an effect on; make a difference to: "the dampness began to affect my health".
Pretend to have or feel (something): "as usual I affected a supreme unconcern".

from another: act on; produce an effect or change in: Cold weather affected the crops.
2. to impress the mind or move the feelings of: The music affected him deeply.
3. (of pain, disease, etc.) to attack or lay hold of.

English is a f$*#&D up language, I cannot dispute that. Consider the word "order."

1) I will order in the restaurant
2) I'm giving an order to my wife
3) Line up in order

Feel bad for ESL learners.

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