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Re: Men dating women who are physically stronger than them

If those men like them that way, I don't see a problem. In my case, I don't have a specific 'girl type' but, honestly, can't see myself dating a girl who is in fact stronger than me because she would probably be pretty buff and masculine looking! I can deadlift more than the female coach at my gym, who is a former bodybuilder, so that gives the idea. And I don't even consider myself 'huge', but I've been training since I was 16.

There's also a bit of a misconception on some guys that believe their girlfriends are stronger than them, one of them being my best friend He's a skinny guy, about 70kg, and really thought his girlfriend was stronger just because she outweighs him by a couple of kgs. She was not, like I told him. Looks can be deceiving and fool people but truth is we are genetically stronger, with a way higher % of muscular tissue with or without training (when in same conditions).

Still, each one to his own taste. It's not really that important IMO, though maybe for some it is.
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