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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

I'm watching John on TC. I'm sure this match is not live, but nevertheless.

Heard the announcers in the Lopez Kubot match natter on about time between points. Lopez got a dubious time violation, and that led to a long long discussion about the new rule and having a shot clock. So you have to be "in the service motion" for the clock to stop. What does that mean? Well, apparently, you can throw the ball and catch it and you will be in the service motion and not have the clock running, but if you bounce the ball and lose the ball as occasionally happens, that will not stop the clock.

So, let's say you have a player like Enqvist who never bounced the ball but just went up and down with his arms a couple of times before he served the ball. Is he always in the service motion as soon as he steps to the line? If you throw up the ball and catch it, does the clock start over or is there some way to have a carry over?

Why is it better to serve fast? That's always my question. Stefie Graf serves so fast that one might argue she rushed her opponents as a deliberate tactic. These announcers claimed that Nole and Rafa's match at the AO would have been ONE HOUR shorter if they had both observed the time limits. Considering that at best (or worst) on the average they each went over by a couple seconds on each point, would that really add up to one hour?

Also, I think if they are going to be super strict on the time limit, they should give 30 seconds between points.
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