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Re: What do you think of the Wilson T2000 racket ?

Originally Posted by Whiznot View Post
The best hit sound ever. A bigger sweat spot and more power than typical wood frames. Great for driving the ball but spin control a bit off. The T2000 was pretty effective if you employ flat approach shots and come in. I still have a couple that lack the plastic handle parts (a poor feature).
Thanks for your reply & I totally agree with your comments. I still remember buying my first T2000 & what impressed me most about this particular racket (apart from it's looks) was the feel of the "handle" in my hand. A lot of people say it's the handle which is the most important part to consider when buying a new tennis racket and I have to agree with this view. The unique aspect about the T2000 plastic handle is that it's "interchangeable" so you can change it to suit different sized hands. Also if you have a look at some of the threads in this forum a lot of comments relate to the weights of tennis rackets & I think there may be a trend to go back & use heavier rackets (like the T2000) judging by the feedback. Cheers !
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