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Re: Men dating women who are physically stronger than them

Originally Posted by 2003 View Post
What do you think of this?

Do you think it goes against the natural order of things?

Men are bigger and stronger than women on average and certainly at the highest level, however I am amazed at how many girls tell me they seriously think they are about equal strength level with their partners.

If my girlfriend was a pro weightlifter bodybuilder or fighter I suppose thats one thing, but me personally, if for no real good reason my girl happened to be stronger than me..I would hit the gym 10 hours a day if I had to until this was rectified

Having a girlfriend who could legitimately kick your ass wouldn't be fun..even though most men are petrified of women for some reason..

Of course there is the ever under rated core strength and "strength from bearing children" that women often boast of over men..though in practical application I am not sure how much this would translate to other activities

I am also interested in the female perspective on this. I imagine that most probably would not care.

I tend to think the women I know who do think they are stronger than their boyfriend are probably mistaken..but I have no evidence of this fact. Maybe todays men really are a bunch of keyboard warriors/pansies.

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I tell you what. I think yer on to something. I once dated an italian beauty with many redeeming qualities who I still think about years later. She looked like julia roberts and had a smile that could make me melt at will, BUT despite being smaller in stature than me, her FEET were as BIG as MINE and I don't have small feet!! Now someone might say give her a break, that she's just disproportionate, or lanky, but I could not get over those imposing, powerful, and formidable feet. I don't know, it must be something primordial. In fact, I would have even preferred that she had HAMMER toes, and those can be faint inducing.


Men, date women SMALLER than you, and that includes all limbs, organs and IQ as well cause dang dab it having a KNOW-IT-ALL gal around the house gets old fast !

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