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Re: Worrying times: lots of challengers missing in 2013

Originally Posted by Leo View Post
How is this relevant?
This means that young players and challengers are not that much connected.

Young players means futures. That's where there need to be a solid base and structure.

That's why i believe 534 Futures is a very solid number, which is maybe even a bit too much (who of us could say for sure?) and maybe they will be made a bit less, maybe not.

Challengers - 178 tournaments. It's not 39, neither 65, nor 87 - 178.

These are played by up to 250 players. Compared to the 65 ATP events played by up to 150 players overall.

A few facts - the number of challengers is decided by the ATP, it's booked and when the licenses are distributed you couldn't hold one even if you have 1 mil to give away.

1. Why is the number of tournaments booked, why is it a precise number? There should be very logical reasons for this.
Please some genius explain, the "crazy hat" can share his wisdom and knowledge with us.

2. Why is the prize money booked at a certain level? Why is it f.e. 125K if the organizers could gather 200K, or 300K? Why wouldn't they be allowed to give it away as prize money?

Please Henry, be so kind and ease my crankiness...

If you guys have the answers to these 2 questions, you would have the answers to all your funky little riots...

There are many places it's not hard at all to gather these symbolic 125K, but not many are allowed to, why?
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