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Re: Worrying times: lots of challengers missing in 2013

Originally Posted by Smoke944 View Post
You are utterly clueless. You say you would like to be Lopez-Perez and making 15k a year, well, no you wouldn't unless you like losing money. Even if he is getting some help from his TF, he could still very well be losing money each year. 15k is absolutely nothing considering the expenses involved. And another thing you clearly don't understand is that only very few countries with wealthy federations can actually support many players. In addition, you act like getting sponsors is easy. Again, it's not. You obviously didn't read that recent article on Tennis Alternative about Guillermo Alcaide. He was top-200 at the end of 2010 but got injured and lost his sponsors while his family had no more money to support him, and he had to retire about a year after he was at his career high ranking. This was a possible future top-100 player from Spain that could not find the money from any source to continue his career.

As for guys like Robert and Devilder, you may not think they have their place, but they do. They are solid veterans that make up the challenger tour and provide the necessary experience for young players that are trying to make the jump to the ATP level. As for them making 80k, well again you somehow think this is a lot when it's not. A full year on the tour playing challengers and ATP qualies when you are flying a lot can easily cost 100k+
I read the Alcaide story and there is nothing one can do against injuries. What's the CH tour problem with Alcaide's situation?

A solid top 100? He went up to 195th in 2010 and the following 2011 was a disaster taking him back to 388th. That's not a solid top 100 at 25.

Maybe he was lazy or tired of it all, maybe he wasn't mentally strong enough, maybe he was a gambler - why would a guy's sad tennis career be always the fault of someone else?

I know Robert and Devilder have their places in tennis and i'm not saying they should go away or something. But this is the level of guys playing CH and they make their living well enough for the quality they produce.

I agree that some mugs in football shouldn't make the 300-500K per season they make, but i disagree that players like Robert and Devilder should make much more than what they make.

And 80K per season is perfectly OK for these guys, perfectly enough for their level. It allows them to play enough tournaments, to travel, pay their coach, their equipment is not an issue as they do have sponsors for that (even guys outside the top 1000 get their free racquets and equipment) and at the end they have their chance to play GS qualies in terms of the possibility they have to travel up there.

If they're good enough they would make enough money and points to be out of this conversation. If they're not - they get what they get and when they hang the racquet up they have enough opportunities for their life.

Tell me more about the expenses and how these guys are managing their careers, you seem to have so many clues...
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