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Re: Worrying times: lots of challengers missing in 2013

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
i think singapore and kazan are missing because these 2 cities hope they will be running wta championships

florianopolis is also getting ready for a wta tournament

nevertheless, it's still alarming

and latso, futures number also goes down this year for the record. anyway if all these "young players" were to travel from one 10K event to other 10K event for 4 yrs until they're ripe enough, they'd go bankrupt in no time

ofc challenger tour is needed, i don't know why people even question it. and it's prob also a thing of marketing, yes. in poland - szczecin, sopot, poznan, you wouldn't find a free place during the finals, many hundreds people watching them live
You can play all year long in Turkey only (except for 3 weeks for the whole year!) 10K tournaments.

A player between top 300 and top 400 would average easily, minimum around 1200$ per month, which is the double of the average salary in Turkey.

The World's #365 has made 12.343,00$ at singles and 5.637,00$ in doubles, average of 1500$ per month.

His name is Enrique Lopez-Perez and he's 21yo.

I'd give a kidney to be his age and make this kind of money, have the possibility to make a profession of my hobby and have the possibility to make much more if i become good enough.

The young guys get help from their respective TF, they get help by sponsors and this is Only because of the potential! They haven't accomplished anything, they just get help for free for them to live up to the expectations.

If they do - they start making enough money to help themselves, if they don't - the money everyone invested is gone and they find a job, often as coaches.

So what's the deal here? We need to subsidize older players to make a decent living of the sport, even though they've never managed to prove to be good enough?

Devilder is 32yo, he's 204th and he's making 80K per season playing mainly Challengers.
Stephan Robert, 32yo, 272nd - 80 Grand

Do you think these guys deserve to win more than that? Is it for them to make more money or the young guys?

The answer is obvious and that's why more money is invested in Futures and less in Challengers.

And it's not even smth to worry about, as it's yet to be known if there would be less CH than last year, which is unlikely imo.

Anyways, it's always up to this - we have limited information and we like to do what average Joe does best - hate the administration, which he has no idea how it works and what it really does.
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