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Re: Do you agree with current Australian Open odds?

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
It's simple really: he's a better tennis player than Ferrer any way you look at it. He's 7 years younger and already had surgery and yet has far better achievements and victories and is far more capable of defeating the current top guys.

Odds are not made by MTF Ferrer fanboys but by people who need to put their money where their mouth is; no one who values their money could ever rate Ferrer anywhere near Delpo to win any Slam title - it's not like Delpo is likely to win the AO at all, but he could (slim chance of course) do it, Ferrer can't - he could play the very best tennis he's capable of and he still wouldn't have a chance.
Ferrer is not even among my 10 favorite players. I do actually prefer Del Po and Tsonga than Ferrer

It's you who have a personal problem about Ferrer

I'm just rational and as was showed many times with rational facts, there's nothing rational behind the idea that Del Po or Berdych would have more chance against top-players than Ferrer, or even worse that "they're clearly better players than Ferrer".

That's purely subjective impressions

Ferrer has had a great record in last months, was very near from the AO final in 2011 and gave many problems to the AO winner Djokovic in first set of their QF last year.

I really don't see what Del Po has done in recent months to be 5th and much ahead of the others in the odds.

just because he defeated Federer and Ferrer did not ? And when Simon defeated Federer, were his odds that good ? And Canas ? is Federer the ultimate referrence ? Ferrer has a match-up and a complex problem against Federer and still was very near from him in the WTF. Ferrer is 5-9 against Djokovic, Del Po is 2-7. Ferrer is 5-6 against Murray, Del Po is 1-5. And Djokovic and Murray are the first two favorites of the AO according to all odds. And I will not tell you Ferrer's record against Del Po, Berdych and Tsonga

There's a whole irrational behaviour towards Ferrer which I don't understand, not only from you. It's a kind of sadistic game or something but I don't find it funny at all, I generally don't like sadism

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