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Originally Posted by ibreak4coffee View Post
Just for the record there is nothing "anti-Canadian" in choosing to live in another country or even represent one in international sports if you're a Canadian citizen. Its not always a black and white, "you're with us or you're against us" proposition - this is the same attitude that Canadians will continually criticize Americans for having, and yet its becoming more and more common in Canada as well.

It must also be said that Canada is HORRIBLE at investing in sports and athletes, except outside of hockey. I cant really blame athletes for making the jump elsewhere if they have family ties (Rusedski an exception - that was pure mercenary behaviour) - Canada Soccer for one is one of the most dysfunctional outfits on the planet, and for a while Tennis Canada wasn't much better.

At least things are moving in the right direction now - at least tennis wise

The thing with Levine is that he adds nothing new to the team - Diez at least is a clay specialist - and this doesnt address the fact we are still woefully behind in the number 2 singles slot when compared to the big guns like Spain, France, Germany, US etc... But if he wants to play for Canada so be it - welcome aboard
I do hope that nothing i said was meant to sound like i felt like someone choosing to live in another country means he's anti canadian. My major issue was, as you said that he adds nothing really to the team and some people are acting like his coming over will really boost the team when i dont think it will.

The timing is also really something that annoys me. He's spent years in the US and had to know he had no realistic shot at playing davis cup and yet he never made the switch over to canada. Maybe there's more behind it but it just kind of irks me that he chose now to make the switch over.

let him live wherever he wants, i've never been one to say that you have to live rep the country you live in or that moving to live somewhere else means your turning your back on your country.
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