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Re: Men dating women who are physically stronger than them

My female perspective on this... I don't know, is that a serious post?

I am rather strong for a female. If you're talking pure physical strength, I don't think I'm stronger than most men. My brother who is about the same build as me (not very tall and rather athletic) is certainly stronger than me (I know that because he's probably the only man I've ever tried to wrestle with lol). But some of my boyfriends were very skinny, and weighed less than me (and I'm not fat ) so maybe I would have been stronger than them, I don't know.

The point is, being ashamed or uncomfortable because your girlfriend is physically stronger than you is the same as being ashamed because she is taller, or makes more money, or has a higher educational level than you... It is just the remnants of old standards that try to make you think that if you do not dominate your woman, then you are no real man. This is stupid, though I can understand why it might be difficult to shake off everything society has always taught you to believe.
Women are now increasingly recognised as full-fledged human beings, and the natural diversity of individuals is being less subjected to the pressure of social standards. So my take is, norms are mostly oppressive. Don't spend your life trying to deliberately break norms (that's just "conforming in reverse"), but do not let norms worry you too much. You are very likely to be physically stronger than your girlfriend, but if your girlfriend is stronger than you, so be it, why should you care? It does not make you less of a man.
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