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Re: Your expectations for Federer in 2013.

Originally Posted by HKz View Post
Probably the least likely, but if he could get another RG title, I think that would cement his place in history for at least a very long time.

That being said though, I still think he will pick up 1 slam title. Getting back to number 1? Probably not. He did exceptionally well at the Master Series events this year where he has struggled since 2007, so logically I don't see him really picking too many points from those events.
Originally Posted by TBkeeper View Post
I hope he wins AO then maybe if he doesn't RG then WI and the least i like him to win from the slams is UO ...
1- AO cause if he wins it it is 5th title and Djokovic would not win more than 2 thus ending both with 5 ! (but just for Djokovic missing the record 3 consecutive)
2- RG cause he'll then have 2 titles from every slam and that is incredible !
3- Wimbledon cause that'll be his 8th and this record won't be touched never.
4- And last USO .. it'll be cool just cause he'll increase his GSs to 18.
Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
I'm totally confident he can make some BIG DOMMAGE next year.

I've seen him making amazing, amaaaazing shots in the exhos. I know, they're just exhos, but i'm confident.
Originally Posted by manadrainer View Post
Be consistent in slams and big tournaments. An 8th wimbledon would be great.
Originally Posted by latso View Post
1 Slam i think is guaranteed. He's still one of the best players out there and being in a paralel tour where he doesn't need to force his body too much, so at the right times he should be at the same level of his main opponents.

Also now he has nothing to prove and nothing to lose, so some of the chokes he did should be history now.

Federer will be a major contender in all Slams and i think he can win at least one of them.

The top 4 ranking at the end of the year is not even under question mark, the top 2 is, but not the top 4.
Originally Posted by Sanya View Post
I would like to see Rogie preventing Djokovic from winning RG in the final as Rafa is under question.

About expectation though, overall... It`s high time to realize that even the best summer in your life finally will end. I mean I saw many great sportsmen who couldn`t be seriously touchable for years and even that thought seemed to be funny, but sooner or later father Time gets everyone. I think that Roger will win a few titles, 3-4 and finish in TOP-5, but it`ll be his 1 real decline year speaking about his game. This year effort was amazing and plenty of people it looks like are waiting even more next year using these results like basis for another level, but it won`t happen.

Maybe my pessimistic prediction has a lot with my sad mood, don`t know. Just like I feel it right now.
Originally Posted by hisham70 View Post
Please Federer another Wimbledon
Originally Posted by Fed fordawin View Post
Conservatively, 2 out of the 5 majors (WTF being the fifth).
Without Dull to cheat his way to victory, there should be no stopping the Fedexpress.
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