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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by arm View Post
I think i am in love with Jack Kerouac. He makes writing seem so easy.
I'm glad you ignored my advice then.

Maye you'll like William Burroughs and Allen Ginsburg too. They,re of the Beat Generation too.

Was Burroughs the guy who killed his wife by trying to shoot an object she was balancing on her head? I've got to look this up now.

Yes. Joan Vollmer. Credited with being the muse of the Beat Generation.

Joanh Vollmer Adams Burroughs was seminal in the creation of the Beat revolution; indeed the fires that stoked the Beat engine were started with Joan as patron and muse. Her apartment in New York was a nucleus that attracted many of the characters who played a vital role in the formation of the Beat; ... Brilliant and well versed in philosophy and literature, Joan was the whetstone against which the main Beat writers — Allen, Jack, and Bill — sharpened their intellect. Widely considered one of the most perceptive people in the group, her strong mind and independent nature helped bulldoze the Beats toward a new sensibility.
When I read about people like that my life seems very dull, but I couldn't live like that. She was killed at age 28, but had been through so much by then.

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