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Re: Does Barack Obama lack leadership?

Originally Posted by Mae View Post
Oh so right you are everyone does tend to focus on the poor or on the rich. So that is why the middle class is the one to take all the hits! I mean think of it just the words themselves "middle class" does that even sound like something anyone would want to champion?
Well, not being a politician, and having no desire to be one, I can't say much about how they think. I often disagree with them, though. And not just one side. The entire spectrum. In the US, the problem - as reported here in Europe - mainly consists of people wanting centre politics but having to choose between hard left and hard right. Most congressmen fight their battles in the primaries, because the election as such is a foregone conclusion. So winning does not imply appealing to a majority of the public, but a majority of their party. Hence you get people far from the real centre, unwilling to compromise. Is this how it's described on your end also?
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