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Re: Does Barack Obama lack leadership?

Originally Posted by Mae View Post
That is exactly what those politicians I was talking about are saying! However, the real problem with the cliff is if something doesn't get decided soon who takes the big hit. The American "Middle Class" which has taken so many hits already it almost doesn't exist any more! The U.S. is becoming a country of rich people and poor people. When a country's "Middle Class" gets wiped out leaving only rich and poor is when class conflicts start to come into that country. We may have some time to go yet in the U.S. before that actually happens, but the clock is ticking on that also!
Middle class? What I read about this didn't specify the middle class (what's left of it) would take the brunt of this. But your information is surely better than mine, being closer to the centre of the action.

Champions of the middle class are - unfortunately - often hard to find. Everyone is focusing either on the poor or on the rich....
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