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Re: Players With Pets and Animals Photo Thread

Well now I just have to like Tsonga and Ferrer for being cat people!!! I have been trying to like dogs since age 4 but I really just don't like the smell of a dog. When they smell bad and want to lick me or slobber me I feel like I will vomit. I also don't like the never-ending need to be the center of attention. A lot of dogs get very jealous. I always treat them very sweet though but I guess I am just 100% cat guy. My cats have always been very sweet and affectionate and playful. There are many people who really like both cats and dogs though so that's cool. I personally would love to own an exotic bird too. I have always been attracted to birds. They symbolize freedom with their ability to fly. Cats on the other hand are just very graceful and beautiful but silly creatures.
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