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Originally Posted by duarte_a View Post
They don't have much more to cling on to. After all 31 year old Federer is bagelling djokovic on HC and winning slams. I bet djokovic and murray wish Federer had retired years ago. Unfortunately for them, and opposed to nadal, murray and djokovic, Roger plays for the love of the game. He has won more than anyone could have hoped for, he has more money in his bank account than he could spend in the rest of his life, yet he keeps playing and "robbing" slams, other titles and weeks at #1 from the younger top players.

So much butthurt Roger is causing to the haters.
You obviously don't realize I posted the pic for a joke, and nothing more. For all I care players could sit on a stack of hay and it wouldn't make a difference. Of course in his old age Fed will mix things up a little so yeah it's totally understandable he made an honest mistake.

Also your comment about playing for the love of the game is pathetic. NO player in the top 4 would be playing Tennis if they didn't love the game, of course all of them including olderer still like the money. Why would fed waste his time on a pointless exho if he didn't care about money? You know he loved every second of it not just because of his love for the game, but also the cash lining his back pockets. Also, how is he robbing slams? He rightfully earned them. Unlike you guys fans of other players can take jokes whilst fedtards get butthurt. I was pissed when Fed beat Murray @ Wimbledon and when he bageled djoker but shit happens and I still respect the guy unlike you guys who cry when your love idol is beaten off one of the other top 4. The Murray hate around this forum is obviously down to Murray having a 10-9 record W/L against the GOAT, and also taking the one thing Federer was left to win (singles olympic gold) out of his hands. I don't think Murray wishes Federer retired at all, I think he quite enjoyed all 10 victories against the GOAT and also rivalry with Fed also helped Murray improve a lot.


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