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Re: David Ferrer Is Playing In Both Doha & Auckland In 2013

Originally Posted by guichard View Post
But in the last 8 seasons(2005-2012) except in 2009, his ranking is not really affected if we only count Grand Slam & Masters
yes people keep on believing their own prejudice without checking anything

Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
I love David, but there is a reason he is claimed to be a 'vulture', quite straight forwardly because he does so well and accumlates so many points in small events
no that's not the reason : the real reason is that his style, with little power and making few errors, that he never seemed to "outplay" one of the top-4 players in a big match, is unpleasant for some who tried to popularize that "vulture" concept that his ranking was not a "real one".

Some others believed it because that theory was overall coherent and fitting with how he "looks".

I hear so many times that blablabla that Ferrer makes few errors then is impossible to beat by lower ranked players but can't beat top-players ... which is wrong actually if you look at his whole carreer activity.

Simon's example, who is a nightmare match-up for Federer (and for Berdych), but loses many matches against lower ranked players, doesn't seem to have affected that concept at all

Besides, Mountaindewslave should realize that that "vulture" concept was hardly ever used on this forum a little bit more than one year ago, then if "there's a reason why", why is it only now that that reason appeared true ?

The reason is simple : some guys insisted on that and sheep followed becaue that "theory" was somehow seductive, like many other false theories (including racist ones)

useless old guy

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