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Re: Put a Viruz in your life. Q&A - Chat and lols feat Viruzzz

Originally Posted by Eden View Post

Just be warned that I tend to ask too many questions

1) How did you discover MTF and how quickly did you decide to join?

2) How similar is your online personality to your in-person persona? For instance, on the boards, are you more shy/reserved, or more open/expressive, or maybe even meaner/more abrupt?

3) When did you start watching tennis?

4) Which were your favourite matches in 2012?

5) What’s your favourite match of your favourite player and who is the opponent you enjoy to see him play against the most?

6) Who would be your favourite coach for your favourite player?

7) When did you got your first PC? When have you been using the internet for the first time and do you remember which information you searched there first?

8) If you could spend one day with a celebrity who would it be and what would you be doing?

9) Have you ever changed your opinion about a tennisplayer (either positive or negative)? If yes, what was the reason for it?

10) Do you have any quirks (for example having to check 10 times whether you have really closed the door)?

11) Best childhood memory?

12) Best and worst characteristic trait?

13) Who’s your favourite person in history?

14) What has been your biggest challenge in life so far?

15) What is the most valuable thing you own?

16) Which 10 places of your country are a must-see when someone is visiting ...

17) What is your current desktop picture?

18) If you can change 1 thing in your llife what would it be and why?

19) What do you think is the meaning of life??

20) How long can you go without being on the internet?

21) What are the key things someone should know about you?

22) What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

23) Which 10 questions would you like to ask Roger?

24) What's the one thing that goes everywhere with you when you travel?

25) Imagine you wouldn't have been a tennis fan already. Do you think you would get interested in tennis these days?

26) If you had lots of money to spend, which charity would you donate this money too and why?

27) Which band/musician would you have loved to see in a concert, though it isn’t possible now anymore?

28) Person you wish who would live next door?

29) Which 5 internet sites do you visit regurlary?

30) You can ask 5 different members of MTF 2 questions. Who would you ask and what would you like to get to know?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer

Merry Christmas
Hello Doris

It's okay, you can ask all the questions you want.

1. I neeced to talk about tennis with someone, I haven't got so many friends into tennis (this is mostly, a football country). So I searched "Tennis Forum" in google and I found this.

2. Good question, I think I'm a really expressive person with the people I know good. I consider myself the total opposite of a shy person. But still, i'm very shy with the people I don't know well...
I think I explained myself good in a post in the TF-Castle, here:
Originally Posted by viruzzz
I just know where I need to be tough and where I can do whatever I want

I mean, In hard situations involving my mother or any of my girlfriends (including friends and in the past, my literal girlfriend, i'm single now), I'd totally take control of the situation without panicking or spread a single tear...
Last month, some guy touched one of my friends and I punched him right in the face.

And also no, i'm not a violent guy, i'm the total opposite, a real calm dude. But if the situation needs it, I can be tough...

Just know when to "use" my emotions.
3. In 2005 I watched some matches, every year since then I watched a little more until 2009. In 2009 I watched the whole ATP Tour and I do that since then.

4. Tsonga def Wawrinka at RG. 6-4 7-6 3-6 3-6 6-4. Probably the best shots in the whole year for Tsonga, and Wawrinka made amazing passing shots.
Federer def Djokovic at WIM. 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3. Federer almost not making UEs, that was incredible, winning long rallies with tennis, and Djokovic didn't know what to do.
Federer def Davydenko at Rotterdam. 4-6 6-3 6-4. The most beautiful tennis match of the year, that match had everything. That was pure tennis.
Please Rafafans, don't kill me but: Rosol def Nadal at WIM. 6-7 6-4 6-4 2-6 6-4. Rafa played an amazing match, but Rosol was in his best-form-ever, he stroked the ball like a boss. Great match.

This year was a great year for tennis, even though I think 2011 had a better epic with Nalbandian-Hewitt at AO, but still, the level of this year was great. Federer was in King Mode during most part of the year.

5. I'm suffering a lot lately, but I think I love when Federer plays Berdych. I mean, i'm a little pissed that Tomas plays so good when he faces Roger, but still, the tennis quality of the Feddych matches are the best.
My favorite Federer match is probably the 2010 WTF Final vs Nadal. Great tournament, he even defeated Murray and Djokovic that week, damn.

6. I'm okay with Paul Annaconne. But it's difficult to imagine a coach for Federer, if you ask me about my 2nd favorite player, Tsonga, I'd love Connors to be his coach

7. I was born with an old pc, but the first time I got one for me was in 1998. I'm sorry, I don't remember what I did the first time I got into the internet, I think I searched for pokemon-related stuff

8. Of course it'd be Federer and I don't know what I would be doing, I think we would talk tennis, how is life in the ATPTour.

9. Yes, I used to like Simon, but then, the guy turned into a Only-Push machine. Also, his behaviour off-court isn't exactly a good one.

10. I keep the music in my pc totally organized, by genre, band, year of album, etc... But only that.

11. A lot. I can't choose one. I think it'd be going fishing with my dad, but I don't know if that one was "The best".

12. I'm a creative guy, that's the best for sure.
I don't always choose the best people around me, I'm kinda... good with people who don't deserve it, that's the worst and i'm working on it.

13. I was asked this and I didn't know exactly how to answer, I think Lincoln, but still i'm not sure about that.

14. My best friend passed away 2 years ago. That isn't something you move on quickly.

15. An emerald. We're talking about affective-value, don't we?

16. The Iguazú falls, the San Ignacio Ruins, Perito Moreno glacier, Córdoba (every place there)... I don't know, there are a lot! O_O

17. The one who came with the computer. I didn't changed it since I get the new computer, I used to change it a lot.

18. Try to not be that shy at first with people, get along well with some people.

19. Be happy and make people happy.

20. No idea. Recently, the most I've been is 2 weeks in a little vacation-time.

21. I'm nice, be nice.

22. Oh damn... A lot. Every one! I don't know... One where I have to travel.

23. I don't know... I'd just improvise . I have a lot.

24. Nothing in particular, my MP3 player. But that's kinda obvious.

25. Yes, of course. The players I like the most are still around making big damage.

26. Cancer. Probably because there's no exact way to recover from it.

27. Probably Freddy Mercury .

28. Buckethead.

29. MTF, Twitter, Wikipedia, some argentinian pages and newspapers.

30. I just can't answer this one . If I have something to ask, I will

Woah! That was a lot, but it was worth it, I think...

Merry christmas Doris

I actually think Bernard Tomic will easily win career-year mixed doubles slam in 2020.

Jealous? Yeah, you are, you dirty hater.
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