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Athletic DNA Signs New Tennis Pro, Tennys Sandgren

Our Athletic DNA family is once again pumped to announce the addition of professional tennis player Tennys Sandgren (yes, his name is pronounced tennis) as the newest Pro Ambassador of the ADNA brand.

It’s pretty clear, with a name like this, that he was BORN FOR THIS!

Tennys originates from Gallatin, Tennessee, and was rated the No. 1 recruit in 2010. Tennys has competed in junior events at the U.S. Open, Wimbledon and the French Open … achieving a top 1,000 ATP ranking.

Our team had the chance to talk with Tennys about his career, what drew him to the ADNA line, and why he’s excited to rep for Athletic DNA. Take a look, and remember to follow and support all of our pros on Facebook & Twitter!

Tell us about how you came to play tennis?

Well tennis runs in the family. My dad played professionally on the satellite tour back in the day. My mom picked the game up when she was in her early thirties, and became a serious league player. My brother and I were introduced to the sport at an early age, through our parents, and we really just fell in love with it.

Talk about your first major win. How did it feel? Was there a crowd?

My first major win was against Benjamin Becker. He was the one seed at the Winetka Challenger, and fresh off a great performance at Wimbledon. I knew going into the match that my chances to win were slim, but that I definitely had a shot. I remember being ecstatic after I won. That match really gave me the confidence that I could compete with anyone out there, and has been a big step in my development path.

When did you decide that tennis was the career path you wanted to follow?

I first thought that I could make a career in tennis after I won back-to-back Futures Titles in July of 2011. Winning a Future used to seem impossible, but after I won two of them I felt that making a living playing tennis was an obtainable goal.

Did you have any handicaps or hardships to overcome in order to succeed?

I have been blessed to not have any handicaps to overcome, but I don’t think anyone can be successful in anything without overcoming a few hardships or roadblocks. I have had amazing parents, and a family who loves me and support me through any difficulties I may go through.

How do you mentally prepare for each match?

I try and just relax as much as possible. I like to listen to house and trance music to just keep stress away from my mind.

Tennys SandgrenHow important is practicing tennis verses just playing matches?

It is always very important to practice even if you are playing a ton of matches. It is important to always keep trying to improve; never settle for just staying the same. You are either going forward or backwards.

How did you hear about Athletic DNA?

I heard about ADNA as a junior when they first started to gain popularity. I loved how they sponsored juniors to help grow the brand.

What drew you to become a Pro for the ADNA brand?

I like the idea that we are both fairly new on the scene and that we have an opportunity to grow together. It is appealing to me to get in on the groundwork of something. It gives me the opportunity to be a part of something early that has the potential to become great.

What part of your personality do you think ADNA best represents?

I think ADNA best represents my competitive nature. This is a very tough business to get into, and I admire that ADNA has their foot firmly in the door. Likewise, going on tour is extremely tough and you have to be very competitive to grind away week-in-and-week-out.

What are your thoughts on wearing the Athletic DNA clothing while you play?

I am looking forward to playing in ADNA gear. I think that their designs are some of the best stuff on the market, and I like to think that being an athlete is in my DNA.

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