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Re: Rising Francesco, volume 17 - Sex, sport, fun, & Happy holidays

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
no words, already im fuc**** mad for a lot of things happening in general in my life..this is a thread where i come for to relax and i have to see a fight???????????????????????????????????????
im sure, but im lazy for look for it, i said i nthe last 2 vols that ppl who never opened casa could do it and i said also the name,lena,Javi,nico and dee so nto over reaction here, when samo started to post more often and asked for it for this vol i agreed, ton of posts abt it, this is all, if we are all mfuckers (and i dont see a post where i insult or scold u here a part marked tha fact i was surprise to see the op) u can jsut delete the op but no1 is kicking u or samo out of here for sure,also coz if someone doesnt like another poster can use ignore button
Me fighting?

I hope you are bright enough that I was joking in that posts that I hate you for not letting me open a volume
Getting mad in real life over a thread opening? That's just not me

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