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Re: Rising Francesco, volume 17 - Sex, sport, fun, & Happy holidays

And betty and nikki, i didnt mean fuck you towards you guys at all, i meant it towards those people who disrespected me. I understand you guys were shocked and im sorry. Maybe i shouldnt open the thread anymore, i dont wanna cause the commotion and all that nonsense. Today i had a great day, i did my second workout, i took a shower, and i eat a good breakfast. And when i came here, the first thing i read was that the thread was reaching 5,000 posts, so since im feeling calm cool and ready i said ok lemme open the thread since i havent opened it yet. But i read some of you guys comments i said ok, i made one mistake of not letting it get me no big deal. I take a nap for some hours, woke up and go to this thread again and what do i hear. One person is mad at me and another person decides to explain to me why they put me on ignore. So im like are you kidding me. So i just let it all out because im not gonna let this shit be inside me again. I dont have any problems with people. But i do have a problem with people disrespecting me, and think that its so dam cool to say shit to me. Well lemme me tell you im not the one to fuck with. I tried so hard to like a few people that i feel dont like me at all. But no they wanna shove it all in my face and pierce fuck you on my face. I felt that i was so betrayed that i say you know what maybe i shouldnt post here anymore. Maybe this thread is not ready for my personality. I mean its like whatevers, since this person is here, and will continue to hurt my feelings, i will no longer be here for a while. I cant surround myself around people who feel the need to complain about everything i do. I dont need to surround myself with people who i feel come out as cold-hearted and souless in my heart. And once again i do apologize, i didnt mean for this to come out this way. But im so sick of this. I really am, i hate being treated like this by one or a couple of people.

Good night to you all.
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