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Re: Problems remaining logged in

I use it occasionally. I've found using it indiscriminately means I lose the "What's new since last login"-function, probably because I often log in both from home and work PC during the day. If I remember to use a "hard" log out then this problem generally does not occur, but then there's really no point in being remembered, so I tend to use this only in the weekend. Losing "What's new" is a bigger time waster than being involuntarily logged out now and then.

Today I was once again logged out almost immediately, which I noticed when I tried to send this post (this part is an addition for second attempt) and failed, but though logged out I did not lose the "What's new" so it's really a relatively minor inconvenience. Still, thought I'd check to see if there was an easy fix.

EDIT. I tried to edit my post and found I was logged out again. What I wanted to add was just that I didn't use "Remember me" this time. Not on any of my so far three sessions this morning.

EDIT AGAIN. I didn't manage to post the above edit so I'm now on my fourth session, which I have never before experienced, "remember me" or not. I finally succumbed to the temptation of being remembered, though this will probably play havoc with my "What's new" function later on.
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