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Re: Rising Francesco, volume 17 - Sex, sport, fun, & Happy holidays

Look im sorry again that i didnt let samo open the thread. I havent open the thread, i was suppose before but i didnt. Im trying to enjoying my day and all i hear in this fucking thread is. Samo was suppose to open the thread. Like are you fucking kidding me. I have been in this thread for a long time, i havent opened it at all. And what do i get when i open a fucking thread. Who the fuck told you to opened the thread. Bitch i have been here longer than you ass. You are not the one to tell me what the fuck i should and shouldnt do. so you are cooler than me so you open the fucking thread now. You take my friends while im suppose to obey your fucking ass. Homie who the fuck do you think you are. You dont own this shit and neither do I. Like i said i didnt know about this shit, i saw the number at the end of the page and i opened it so what. Ok fine its Samos fucking world. You guys love him more than me so..... im outta here. PEACE THE FUCK OUT BITCHES.
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