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Re: Rising Francesco, volume 17 - Sex, sport, fun, & Happy holidays

Originally Posted by Clashcityrocker View Post
what's up ?

August 21th of 2005, number 8

Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Javi, it's not about thread opening in general, it is about that there were zillions of posts in the past 2 weeks where Betty told Samo he could open the new thread, it is about that the others stopped posting in the old thread because the 5k were approaching and Samo wasn't online. AND it is about the fact that Dee didn't care at all about that promise (and everybody who was on during the last page of the old volume talked about waiting on Samo).
I was just kidding, Lena I also stopped posting so Samo could see the thread ended in the last volume.

Don't be mad at me

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