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Re: Q&A With Slasher

Nice answers again, here come some more. And yes, believe me on that one, it's great news: Gossip Girl has been easily the worst show on TV in the past few years

1-Do your first few proposed changes to the ranking system have the aim of making it easier for newcomers to get their first ranking point thus entering the ATP rankings or did you have another aim(s) in mind?

2-Don't know if you knew about this already, but Boy Meets World is getting a spin off from Disney Channel: Girl Meets World, starting next year and featuring Cory and Topanga's 13 year old daughter and her best friend in the leading roles. Shawn, Eric and Mr Feeny will not be regulars in the spin off. Any views on this?

3-Following my 'Simpsons or Malcolm in the Middle' question, in case you've watched both, who is dumber: Homer or Reese? Skip the question in case you've only watched The Simpsons.

4-My personal favorite arc of Sailor Moon was the one with Queen Nehelenia and Zirconia (that was one jokes dude). Oh but wait, this is not a question, which will only come next: the most controversial (as in getting the most mixed reviews) character of the Sailor Moon franchise is most definitely Tuxedo Mask, what's your take on him?

5-I take it from the fact that you haven't watched either The OC or One Tree Hill that you're not a fan of teen dramas. Am I correct?

6-What's your favorite Futurama character and episode?

7-Would you agree with the consensus that Futurama has gotten old in a way ie the show is in decadence in the past few season, regurgitating old jokes and plot lines?

8-Is it weird that I know the consensus on controversial cartoon characters, animated series reviews and what not ?

9-Are you on Twitter?

10-What would your ideal Champions League R16 draw be?

This should do it for now, these are 'bigger' question than usual
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