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Re: Put a Viruz in your life. Q&A - Chat and lols feat Viruzzz

Originally Posted by DDRickyDD View Post
1-Which international football team do you support?
2-What's your favourite Grand Slam?
3-Do you have any pets?
4-Which country did you support at the Olympics?
5-What do you think of Liverpool Football Club?
6-What do you think of Fulham Football Club?
7-Who's your favourite comedian?
1. Real Madrid, Chelsea and Milan. But I have no problems with their "rival" teams.
2. Wimbledon. But to watch, I prefer the AO, because it's night-morning time and I like to be awake all night watching tennis.
3. Yes. A cat named Peter.
4. Of course, Argentina. I didn't watched the olympics so much, I supported specific people, not countries.
5. I have a lot of love for Liverpool. I'd love them to be what they were in the past. So many great players came from Liverpool.
6. Not a deep opinion about Fulham, I respect them a lot, of course.
7. Larry David.

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