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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

My opinion is that since "Marat" came back to twitter after a 2-3 month 'hiatus" in early October, it is no longer him personally tweeting but some ER lackey; Apart from the largely unrecognisably maratish dialogues, prior to october when he WAS tweeting himself - he had no problem tweeting in russian, english or spanish - he replied to tweeters in the same language they tweeted him and when he just made a tweet he always tweeted in Russian and THEN after a few requests he also started to duplicate his "announcement" like tweets (ie the next week I am going to regional week in ...etc)in English - the 'conversations' he has been engaging in with the known trolls on twitter are laughable in their banality - and as for his comments - frankly - if that IS him tweeting, I can no longer consider him worthy of my attention.

If I wanted to propose a 'conspiracy' theory - given the ruling party's attitude to 'free speech' and social media in particular, they may well have issued a decree that any ER associate or member of the Duma had to hand over their twitter accounts to their lackeys - do you really think that Medvedev and Putin actually compose and post their own tweets? Marat maybe insignificant in comparison to them - but for sure the party cannot be blind to the fact that he has an international following (dwindling, it would seem) and may be sensitive to that fact ....while he was never very active on facebook, pretty much the only things appearing on his wall these days are automatically generated horoscopes, and he appears to have gone 'dark' on his VKontact and Odnoklassniki pages too - you would have thought he was too busy for social media these days.....anyhow...just sayin!

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