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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
We all miss Nole plays. But from yesterday's FB, he starts training already!

And think about how long poor star miss Rafa play

Sadly, Guga and Magnus provided me with practice in weathering a player's injury. It will be nice to see everyone getting back to competition. Unfortunately, Andy has dropped from the scene and I expect Lleyton will follow before long. I never expected Lleyton would last so long playing while his ranking was so low, but he must enjoy the tour and the competition.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Becuase of what happened last Friday, all classroom doors will be locked during class in my son's school. They are treated like criminals in order to protect them.
Sad. I don't know what the school administrators are expected to do anymore to protect their children.

To me it is poignantly ironic at this time when women in the military fight to have their combat service recognized and rewarded, all the fallen adult heroes in Newtown are brave women. The principal rushed toward the sound of the gunfire. What more would a warrior do?

I am waiting for the first announcement from the Gun Lobby that the problem was that there were too few guns in Newtown and that if only the teachers had been carrying guns this tragedy would not have occurred. Isn't that what we hear after nearly everyone of these atrocities?
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