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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Originally Posted by inez View Post

I honestly think we should consider anything tweeted from the "marat_safin" account as being "allegedly" by Marat - because I for one no longer believe it's him personally tweeting
inez, I'm beginning to think you're right! Today he declined ever to tweet in Spanish, which we all know he speaks fluently (better by far than English), and the tweet itself was written in a nonsensical mishmash of basic Spanish and dodgy French (should've been imperative form "apprenez" instead of infinitive). Via Twitter.


Sólo Inglés y ruso. suficiente. apprendre les langues!
This is for me the strongest indication yet of a "Wizard of Oz" account. If this is the case, then Marat surely needs to know about this person having a go at the disabled (see below), the very people whose interests he's meant to be championing. For a man in his position to say such a thing, I had hardly thought it possible.

03 December 2012


But other imprtnt thing is - to make disabled starve 2 work. We can't force them to work! Who wants to work - finds ways to do it, like that girl, Katherine, who makes nice paintings. But I'm sure there are thousands of disabled, who sits at home and just complain.
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