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Re: Q&A With Slasher

Good answer. Here comes a new batch

1-Who changes your daughter's diapers more often - you or your wife? Is it a pleasant task?

2-Are you answering most of these questions from your work while you were supposed to be working?

3-Did you find the Hitler video funnier than Nole Rules's Team Vulture vs Team Lenders?

4-Do you think Del Potro could still be #1 one day or did that ship sail for good with his injury/surgery?

5-Pick one (or neither if that's the case):

Nadal or Djokovic?

Nastase or Tiriac?

Iniesta or Zidane?

Reus or Goetze?

The Simpsons or Malcolm in the Middle?

Family Guy or American Dad?

Are You Afraid of the Dark or Boy Meets World?

The OC or One Tree Hill?

Forrest Gump or Pulp Fiction?

6-What were your favorite subjects in school?

7-How old were you when you lost your virginity? (for the record, doing 'stuff' while watching Hentai does not count )

8-Do you miss your student days/do you feel you had more freedom/free time back then?

9-If you were asked to propose/introduce changes to the tennis ranking system, which would those be?

10-Is it glorious news for TV and its viewers that Gossip Girl is finally off the air?

11-Are you satisfied with your job or aiming higher (or simply something difference, not necessarily higher)?

12-Apart from Murray and Del Potro, the only two currently active players to have won a Slam and not been #1 (yet), who do you believe has the potential to eventually find their way into your sig?

13-Did you ever get a bad rep from a non-Sapeod poster so far?

14-Who is the best villain/nemesis in Sailor Moon and why?

15-Where you you take me partying ?

Ok, this should do it for now
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