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Re: Put a Viruz in your life. Q&A - Chat and lols feat Viruzzz

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
What do you do (studying, working, etc)?
Why/how did you join MTF?
Are you a football fan? Is this a stereotype question for an Argentinian?
How do you feel about other Spanish speaking countries, do you consider them close/related or just some foreign countries that happen to share the same language?
If you would move to Europe, which country would you choose?
Favorite dish/meal?
Favorite comedies (film)?

I guess enough for now
- I have an online-work where I do lot of stuff related with a company and it social media. I used to study advertising but I left, I will study Marketing in 2013.
- I needed to talk about tennis because I didn't have so many friends who enjoyed the sport. My friends are more football-fans, so I searched "Tennis forum" in google.
- Yes I am. A big one, I love San Lorenzo and i'm really passionate about this, I try to go to the stadium every time I can. I don't think that's a stereotype question, but I reckon we love football so much.
- With the global-era and the internet, I can feel every country as close, thanks to the internet and related stuff like that. Spanish is one of the most spoken language of all time, so I know a lot of people speak it.
- To live? That's a big question. Probably Scotland, but that's just a guess, I can change my mind in 20 minutes.
- Seafood. I love seafood. Sushi also.
- I love comedies and that's probably the genre I watch the most. What I remember right now as good movies are the classic "Airplane!", or "The In-laws". pretty good movies.
But again, I can chage my mind 20 minutes later and remember other good movies.

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