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Re: The English riots: the personal cost

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
FACT: In a global corruption index, the western countries are clearly separated from the rest of the world. The correlation is almost perfect: western capitalist system = least corrupt societies.
keep believing in the indexes of people's perceptions about their countries' corruption levels. in nations in which the media is inevitably tied to commercial interests, the general public is only gonna get access to certain things.
Iceland is one of the least corrupt countries in the world - ahead of every single Latin American country. What made news was that there was actually some corruption in Iceland.
some? No, sir. "Some corruption" doesn't account for the results that happened. No sure why you have to add Latin America to the mix but let me tell you, my country, easily one of the most capitalist of the region, also fairs well in corruption indexes and I know it's BS. Corruption might not happen much at a small citizen-cop or citizen-gvt level, but it's completely institutionalized at at big business-state level. Most of our legislators and top gvt official are riddled with commercial conflicts of interest. Most people are of course unaware (thanks again, free press), hence why we fare relatively well in those so called indexes.

But compared to every non western country, it was insignificant. If you want to see corruption-free countries, the Western capitalist model has been proved 100% to be the route to take. Just the facts.

Sometimes I wonder if you have any connection to reality at all.
no mirrors in your house, it seems...

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