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Re: Attention Seeker Thread. - Apocalypse Now..... Enlightenment Tomorrow.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post

4 months of not talking to you has ruined that.

I'll just assume you meant that you missed me us very much.

I spent £100 on chocolates today. Fuck, I hate going home.
Women have a gift when it comes to assuming so I'm not gonna argue too much about that. I've seen the dark side of it and it is not pretty.

Forgot about your new found home. I can only imagine the joy you've bestowed upon pretty much every clothing store on your side of the town. They're probably scrambling now to figure out new ways to invent the flannel with this new wave of profit coming at them. All this while your parents are working hard in Singapore while being trapped in the hell of not being able to chew gum and knowing that that is pretty much their destiny for the rest of their lives.

So, how are you?
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