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Re: Rising Francesco, volume 16 - Italian yummy yummy wonderland

Some WW lingerie is really nice and covers a bit more. Ahhh, I love it.

About the video Jelena posted, it truly sickens me that a country like the USA is sooooo backwards when it comes to their firearms legislation. I mean, the times of the Wild West are long gone. I won't deny that someone who really is willing to kill someone won't be held back by a more restrictive gun law. Still I'm pretty sure that a lot less of these insane shootings would happen if it wasn't that easy to have a gun or even more than one at home. I stopped following the news on the shooting because it made me sad and mad at the same time to see such a tragedy happening at an elementary school shortly before Christmas. My bf's nieces and nephews are about the same age of the innocent victims and they are constantly talking to me about how much they are looking forward to Christmas, to Santa Claus bringing them nice gifts and so on. It brought tears to my eyes that such innocent lives who had so many little dreams for the holidays and still their entire life to live were taken by an insane idiot with a bunch of firearms. So much hatred is just incredible, it leaves me speechless. If someone is unhappy with his own life, there are so many other ways to deal with it.

Who wants to play with my balls?

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Bičuj me mamita!
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