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Re: Bogota to replace the Los Angeles tournament

Originally Posted by fran70 View Post
Hi Duong
I know that they need to buy the licence of an existing tournament in order to get a new one. But I don't see that it may work in the case of Bogota.

Hard court players that do it on the American swing are going to take it as a gap week in order to rest and prepare for Atlanta and so on.

The height of Bogota is another reason (2600 metres above sea level) that is not helping either. I don't think that players would not go there due to safety reasons (the political and criminal situation of Bogota is not the same as it used to be in the past).

I see oportunist players like Monaco or Tipsarevic or the ones that their serve can give them an extra benefit like Querrey, Isner, Anderson or Muller going there than players like the ones that you could see in 2010/2012 draw in LA.

I think that is great to have Bogota in the schedule but probably as you say things may look different with the licence on their pocket after a potential reorganization of the schedule in 2014.

At the same time it's a shame to lose a traditionals tournament like LA (and San Jose in 2014) of the schedule. When the new schedule is released for 2014 probably they could have move it to the American swing of February.

Are you sure that they want to move the South American swing to December in 2014? That would be really a shame as it is working really well as it is right now . at the same time the South American swing will be stronger with Santiago, San Pablo, Buenos Aires, Acapulco, Bogota and Rio replacing San Jose
about the southAmerican swing moving to december, we talked about it here :

ATP Calender, 2014 onwards

it looked on a good way as you will see.

As for Bogota replacing Los Angeles, if we agree that the safety concern is not a big concern, there are two arguments not to go there :
- the altitude
- the distance

I'm not sure they are that strong arguments, when in the meantime the Bogota organizer seems to have a lot of money

And Querrey, Isner, Anderson or Muller look to me as the typical players who played in Los Angeles.

The notion of "opportunist players", what others call "vulture", drives me crazy on this board, as it's so so exaggerated ... or diminished, as many players are like that, I can't understand why people really think that some players like Monaco (who actually didn't play that many tournaments previous years) are that more "opportunist" than others. I can't believe how many people speak about those supposed "vultures"

As for Monaco and claycourt players, Bogota will be the same week as Hamburg then surely they will go to play Hamburg.

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