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Re: Blaž Kavčič Thread

I watched that, the interview itself was a bit of a bore so nothing new to say.

- talked about having to play tournaments in obscure places because losses on the ATP level can damage your confidence and he needs to boost himself up by winning weaker tournaments(talked about having to wash himself with a bucket in Uzbekistan)
- said that he won most of the matches against Zemlja in the U-14 category but started losing once they got to the professional level (the host avoided mocking them for never having beaten Zemlja in their matches)
- said that they used to make fun of Zemlja in juniors because he hated getting up in the morning and he kept coming to early matches sleepy and grumpy.
- Kavcic and Zemlja are playing 2 exhibitions in Slovenia these days.
- believes he's had luck picking the right coaches
- travelling to Australia with him will be Petra who won the ballot of one of Blaz's sponsors.

- talked about his twin brother Andraz who retired this year, but will be travelling with Aljaz as his sparing partner. They used to be very close game wise but Andraz never broke out.
- said about the traumatic experience in Brazil when there was an explosion in their hotel and he could've died had he not been outside.

They both also mentioned that they're starting the season in Chennai. The rest was pretty much what you've already mentioned.
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