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Re: The English riots: the personal cost

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
apples and oranges, i know, but when the english courts where condemning youngters to 10+ month sentences over stealing sneakers, in iceland they were planning the way for a new constitution, a more democratic one, after the corrupt former leaders of the country were put in prison due to the people taking a stand against the abusive forces of today's capitalism.

sooner or later, many other countries will follow iceland's path and they won't be revolutions (like in iceland, the system won't be totally replaced) but they certainly help the course of democracy and the cleaning up of the political machinery.
Sometimes I wonder if you have any connection to reality at all.

FACT: In a global corruption index, the western countries are clearly separated from the rest of the world. The correlation is almost perfect: western capitalist system = least corrupt societies.

Iceland is one of the least corrupt countries in the world - ahead of every single Latin American country. What made news was that there was actually some corruption in Iceland. But compared to every non western country, it was insignificant. If you want to see corruption-free countries, the Western capitalist model has been proved 100% to be the route to take. Just the facts.

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