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Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
1-Who will the next 1st time Slam winner be?

2-Are (at least some of) today's top players overrated due to surface homogenization?

3-Who is the worst poster on the forum and the most unbearable fanbase?

4-What changes would you make in the tennis calendar, as well as surfaces and conditions?

5-Zidane or Iniesta?
1 I'd like to think it would be Tsonga or Kei but it's so difficult for guys with attacking/big hitting game to break through in modern conditions it's hard to say.

2 Yep. Nadal winning a career slam is testimony to that, as is Djokovic winning Wimbledon although he should logically be competitive in the other three anyway. Even Murray's slam he benefitted being on the slower Ashe in some matches, when in the two Armstrong matches he found two in-form players a real handful.

3 hard to say- they recently permabanned the worst poster, and there isn't a standout bad poster. Rafatards were the worst fanbase but they've banned the majority of the worst. So whoever wins the most next year will probably be the worst fanbase


a Revert Aussie season back to Rebound Ace
b Masters finals best of 5 sets
c make IW/Miami medium paced to make it easier for players' bodies
d Replace Madrid with Hamburg, back where it should be. Madrid reverts to first indoor TMS with Shanghai reverting to a 500
e an extra week of grass preparation with Liverpool getting an ATP event
f speed up Ashe and US Open courts back to 2004 level
g Revert once carpet tournaments back to carpet especially Bercy
h Move WTF to German city and have it on carpet to conclude the year

Things were fine in 2004. I've just put them back what they were.

5 I'd say Zizou

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