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Originally Posted by Pratik View Post
1. Do you support the English cricket team?
2. Favourite format of cricket: Test/ODI/T20?
3. Favourite cricket players?

4. Would you feel weird wearing a kilt? Have you ever worn one?

5. Favourite retired tennis player?
6. Do you consider Murray to be Scottish or British?
7. What is your opinion of
1 In the Ashes yeah, in other tests I'm not overly fussed to be honest although they've been very good against India the last couple of games.

2 Test, not close

3 Flintoff, Swann, Tendulkar, Gilchrist, Vettori, Leverock, Murali, Malinga, Afridi

4 Never worn one

5 Agassi or Guga

6 Both, I suppose

7 Amusing to a degree

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