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Re: Twist/Kick serve Help!!!

Originally Posted by Super Djoker View Post
ow well i though it bouncing in the oposite direction was american twist ? i thought that was different from kick . well i will work on it ! nothing else i can do but work on it. I am guessing brushing to the side more is the best way to start getting it to go off to the side.
It is all semantics anyways, no one can agree for some of these terms.

However, from what I've grown up on. Kick serve is a generic term referring to any serve that uses at least some topspin. A topspin serve meant a serve that merely used topspin with just straight up brushing of the ball. While a twist/American-twist serve was with the opposite kick (coming in as a slice then kicking the opposite way when landing).

Anyways, the only way to develop it, is just like with any serve, you want to take it from the very first step: contact.

The drills we used to do at the tennis academy I was in, was to stand very close to the net and hold your racket closer to the head in order to have complete control over the head of the racket. From that point, you just concentrate on trying to make the ball spin while not trying to add any power or whatever. After a while, you'll find the right sweet point in brushing around the back of the ball and slowly you can little by little start serving further from the net while gripping the racket further away from the head. Twist serve definitely very tough to get the right since you are brushing the ball in an awkward way, but certainly a strong serve against poor players or those that don't expect it. However, like with many kick serves, if it isn't hit or placed right, good players will demolish it, which is why I stuck with slice second serves throughout most of my junior career.

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