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Re: Q&A with NS <3

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
Whats your thoughts on your country ?
Well right now, im gonna say this from my own opinion, im not liking our president at all. I thought in 2008 when i voted for him he was gonna get us outta this crisis, but it turns out he is worst than Bush, and people dont even see it or realize it. Im a democratic but im not like other democratics at all. I want to see what this person is gonna do for us. But to me I didnt pick our president because of race i picked him because i thought he was gonna do the job for us. Looks like i was wrong from the getco.

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
Your thoughts on surface homogenization ?
Um what is homogenization?

What happenned to your playeyr in Barca ?
Well after this person won the title, he was gonna come back to defend his title but the Barca people was being rude to him and not welcoming him at all. They didnt like the fact that he won at their tournament. Basically they just didnt like him so he decided not to play there and im glad he did.
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