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Re: Q & A- rocketassist

Originally Posted by DDRickyDD View Post
Which international football team do you support?
Who's your favourite Big Brother contestant of all time?
Who did you support before Murray?
Do you have any pets?
How many Grand Slam will Murray win in his career?
1 reluctantly for the most part, England. I tend to be ambivalent but then during tournament time I always get caught up in the jingoism, as do my mates (only one of my lad mates is fiercely patriotic England fan) and we all watch the games together. I find the football they play for the most part quite hideous though and often have little sadness when they lose playing that way. I have an affinity for the Venezuela national team from when they were bottom and have built their way up admirably

2 erm I only watched series 1-2 when it was actually a new concept. Probably Nasty Nick. Awesome heel.

3 Erm I liked all kinds of players around the 00-04 time before he arrived on the scene. He isn't the only player I root for either, just the most obvious.

4 No

5 I'm just delighted he got the one after supporting him for eight years it was pretty special the USO, though I think he could end his career with 2-3 and the #1 ranking. He's not THAT good to go on a tear, but he'll be a contender for every slam except RGs for three or four years most likely given the lack of competition emerging from the new generation beyond.

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