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Re: Q & A- rocketassist

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
What made you think of your user name, and have you ever changed it?

If you could decide just one sports result in 2013, any sport, what would it be? (winning a tournament counts as one result even if there's many matches)
1 rocket assisted take off

2 My football team getting promoted would render absolutely any sports result imaginable invalid and obsolete. I'd swap Andy Murray's entire career to see my Rovers reach the championship.

Originally Posted by nazzac View Post
Which football team do you support?

What do you think of Tsonga?

What do you think of Del Po?

What do you think of Kei?
1 Tranmere

2 I'm a fan, since 2007 when I saw him vs Roddick at the AO when he led 7-6 5-3. Still hope he can win a GS and that Rasheed can turn around his current predicament. When he's on his game I feel he can still beat anyone despite the slower surfaces he has to cope with.

3 I don't mind him these days. There was one point where his tards were rampant in GM going on about how Murray sucks cos it's 1-0 and he's part of a real big 4 but I enjoyed his play at the Olympics against Federer. He's definitely on the way back. Muzza winning the slam title should hopefully put an end to any silly tard games, as both fanbases are happy and content.

4 A fan Hope he reaches top 10 soonish and kicks on from there. He's got the game to keep rising.

Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
What are your five favorite football players??
I'll do a list for world renowned players and one for my actual faves:

1 Pavel Nedved
2 Ronaldo (Bra)
3 Eric Cantona
4 Romario
5 Juninho Pernambucano


1 Ian Goodison
2 Ian Muir
3 John Aldridge
4 John Morrissey
5 Ivano Bonetti

Those 5 are all legends from my own team.

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