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Re: Q & A- rocketassist

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
How old are you?
What are you studying if anything at school?
What best describes your personality?
What are you the most satisfied with in your life and dissatisfied with?
What are your 3 best traits and 3 worst traits
1 25
2 my student/university days are sadly behind me. I graduated with a BA Hons degree in Journalism
3 Dry witted
4 Most satisfied with is probably my social life. Most dissatisfied with I would say is my career, I wanna be a writer or work in PR and the jobs in that sector are rare and extremely competitive, and that makes it tough to find my way in so I have to settle for part time jobs at places like hypermarkets to pass the time.

5 3 best traits:
Sense of humour

3 worst traits:

unbiased analyst extraordinaire
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